Car Video Screens

Car Video Systems: The Must Have for Mobile Entertainment

Car Video Systems: The Must Have for Mobile Entertainment

If you have a long road trip coming up or your kids simply can’t go five minutes in the car without fighting, there’s no better solution than having a car video system installed. At JC Power Audio in San Diego, our knowledgeable installation experts can help you choose the best system for your needs. 

Enjoy All the Advantages of Video in Your Car

Why Video Screens are Great for Your Car

The car is your family’s personal moving bubble, it should have as many comforts as it can, especially on long trips. No more playing “I spy,” or singing about how many bottles are on the wall, install a flat screen in your backseat and allow yourself to concentrate on the road. Pop-in a movie, give the kids bluetooth headphones and they will look forward to being in the car.

A front touchscreen on the dashboard is also a great add-on in any car. Don’t get distracted by looking down at your phone for directions, a quick glance at the GPS touchscreen is all you need to make sure you are on the right track. Switch between radio stations with ease and delve deeper into all the audio features JC provides. Be in control of the air conditioner, the volume on the headphones, and of the road.

Video Screens Prevent Distractions

The dash screen, coupled with a rear-view camera, will relieve you from the neck strains of turning around when backing up. You can also watch a movie if your car is parked and the emergency brake is on. The screen won’t show distracting videos if your car is in motion.

A decade ago, having a screen in your car was considered a major luxury. Nowadays many car manufacturers have at least one screen in their newest models. With driverless cars in the near future, several screens will be a part of every car in the modern age. The prices drop each year as technology gets better. Do yourself and your family a favor, be a part of the 21st century, and get video technology in your car.

There is no excuse for not driving in total comfort, let JC Power Audio Shop bring you the latest and best technology for your car in San Diego.