5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Car From Getting Broken Into

There’s a story you need to hear first, about 3 years ago my car got stolen, the most annoying thing about it was that it happened right in front of my house. Three days later police recovered my battered vehicle without a spoiler and 2 blown tires. Needless to say I had a quick flashback of when I lived in Fresno, 10 years ago. As you may know at one point Fresno was in the top 3 most dangerous cities in the country. What I’m trying to say to you is, it happened again. There will be no 3rd time, I had to take precautionary steps to not just hinder but also make auto theft more than impossible.

Anti Shatter window film

Can you believe getting your car windows tinted can deter thieves from breaking into your car? Well, it’s true basic car window tinting films are typically anywhere between 1 mil up to 2 mil (thousandth of an inch) in thickness. Thicker window films have higher resistance and longer life expectancy creating an awful experience for the intruder. Is like having duct taped your windows from one side, sure the glass may break but it will not shatter making it that much harder to break in, Pretty cool, huh?

Vehicle Security Systems

Car alarms are definitely an effective way to deter theft, you can always customize your own vehicle security system based on your needs. A basic car alarm comes with some of the best anti-theft deterrents out on the market today. Features such as ignition kill switch and shock sensors, there’s more features in a car alarm system but for this time I’ll stick to what will be truly be an annoyance to a thief. Kill Switches now come as part of the ecu for your car, therefore in order for a thief to steal your car, he/she will need to hack into your car’s computer, in which case lets face it, seriously? If you have security hacking skills, robbing cars is just sad waste of talent.

Custom Lugs & Wheel lock

Some people surely like to customize their vehicles others preferred original parts and a thief prefers both. There’s top money involved in car wheels, for the aftermarket custom rims and original rims. If you don’t believe me, just go on craigslist and do a search on rims for your car, don’t be surprised by the price, original oem wheels are just as expensive as aftermarket wheels. What are wheel locks you ask? Well wheel locks are in principle a key for a set of lug nuts, wheel lug nuts come in different sizes and shapes. Make sure you first check the size of the your vehicle’s stud pattern to find out your wheel lock. Wheel locks work as their name states, locking the rims in place, you will need a key or a “wheel lock” in order to remove your wheels from your car.

Spy cameras & DVR Recorders

These genius little inventions can be tricky, you can have a spy camera that you can actually see who is in your car at all times. Most of these spy cameras are highly equipped with latest technologies that are compatible with new cars and phones. Some spy cameras come with dvr, night vision and phone alerts when triggered technologies. If you bought a car and it didn’t come equipped with a backup camera, well spy cameras can also be backup cameras which can give you many more reasons to get yourself a spy cam on your vehicle.

Gps tracker & Remote Start

If none of these work for you, you can always trace your car to the exact location and get info such as speed, location parking time, time spent, and best of all you can turn off your car. This is a feature that one of our favorite brands offer in their products, you can invest in a viper smartstart gps module. How is this a theft prevention method? Well a fluorescent sticker of Viper security systems will be installed at the same time, this method works fantastically well to deter auto thieves to think about it before breaking into your car.

I hope that these methods of theft prevention have given you some sense of relief, just as it did to me. To know more or to talk to an expert contact us today.