The Best Car Alarms and Security Systems at JC Power Audio

According to the FBI, a car is stolen every 33 seconds in the US, and only 57% of stolen vehicles are ever recovered, primarily because most are stripped for parts. The best way to protect your investment and avoid the hassles of dealing with police and insurance companies is to have a car alarm installed. At JC Power Audio in San Diego, not only do we carry the best car alarms and security systems, but we also have highly skilled professional experts to install them. 
Still have questions about boosting the security of your vehicle? Read on for answers to some common questions below. 

Why do I need a car alarm?

Those high-pitched wails you hear around parking lots on occasion are harsh on the ears for a reason. Deterrence is still the primary objective of most car alarms, and even experienced car thieves don’t want to deal with the attention a blaring car alarm brings. In the event a thief ignores the wails and steals your car anyway, many newer car alarm systems have GPS positioning features, which can help police track your vehicle before it’s broken down and sold for parts. 

 What’s the difference between factory and aftermarket alarms?

Factory alarms that come stock with new vehicles are generally decent quality and reliable, but the biggest drawback is how basic and predictable they are to car thieves. All factory alarms are installed the same way in the same location on each car model, which means it only takes experienced car thieves a few seconds to disable the system. The best aftermarket car alarm systems are customizable, and the predictability factor is severely decreased because different professional installers will install systems in slightly different ways.

What are the added benefits of aftermarket car alarms?

The latest in aftermarket car alarms do so much more than emit loud sirens when someone tries to break into your car. The best car security systems feature keychain remotes that also handle door locking/unlocking, trunk or hatch release, power window control, and best yet, remote start—you’ll never again have to sit in a hot car waiting for the A/C to kick in! Other features include remote notification when the system has been triggered, and smartphone connectivity to control multiple vehicles at once.

Why should I choose professional installation for a new car alarm?

Car alarm installation involves a vehicle’s entire electrical system, and it only takes one misplaced wire to throw all your car electronics out of whack. Professional installation provides peace of mind and confidence in the proper functioning of your vehicle’s security. At JC Power Audio, we’re determined to increase car security in San Diego one vehicle at a time. We sell only the best brands in car alarms, and we’ll walk you through the installation process, so you understand exactly what you’re getting and how to use it. 

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Whether you need to protect your car with a new security system or boost its entertainment value with new car audio or car video systems, JC Power Audio is here to help. Our professional experts will take the time to discuss all your options and help you select the best car security system, car stereo system components, or car video screens for your needs. We offer top-notch installation service for car alarms, car audio, and car video in San Diego. Stop by our convenient College Area location today.