How to Make Your Car Audio System Better

Nothing can replicate the feeling of being at a concert or other live music show. But you can have the next best feeling while rocking out in the comfort of your own car. Whether you have an hour-long commute or just need to head to the store for a few things, upgrading your car’s sound system can help make any drive more enjoyable. 

Since it’s the start of the New Year, why not make a resolution to up your car audio game for 2017? At JC Power Audio Shop, we’ve got some great ideas for how you can make your car audio system better and take your in-car listening experience to the next level.  Take a look below. 

Upgrade those factory-installed speakers

Let’s face it, factory-installed speakers are usually afterthoughts from the manufacturer, and they do little to nothing for your music. Even if you do nothing else, new speakers will improve your car’s sound. At JC Power, we carry quality speakers by top brands, including JL Audio, Alpine, Viper, and more. 

Install sound-dampening materials

This is simple: Sound-dampening materials keep the bad noise (other cars, the sound of the road, etc) out while keeping the good noise (death metal, Taylor Swift, Yo-Yo Ma, or whatever you love) in. They work by absorbing vibration and eliminating speaker resonance so all you hear is your music. 

Add an amplifier or a subwoofer to boost that bass

An amplifier will help add a crispness to the sound produced by your new speakers so you can hear every whisper of the singer and every hi-hat click from the drummer in exquisite detail. If you need more bass in your life (and who doesn’t) you can get a subwoofer, which has an amplifier built in, and get the best of both worlds. At JC Power, you can choose products from JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Kenwood, Alpine, and more.  Not sure what you’re looking for? We’ll help you choose the best products that meet your needs.  

Learn all you can about sound tuning

Need more bass? Upping the bass setting isn’t always the best option since that can overpower even a good system. Instead, you’ll want to find the right mix of levels that suit the music you like to listen to. Take a look at this how-to we found on Crutchfield. 

Come see us at JC Power Audio Shop

The above tips will help you get the most out of your sound system, but if the components aren’t installed right, they won’t do you any good. We can help! At JC Power Audio in San Diego, our staff is professionally trained in car audio installation. So when you come to us, you know the job will be done right, and you’ll get to drive away head-bopping to your favorite tunes.  

Give us a call or drop by and see us today! We look forward to helping you up your car audio game for 2017.