Top Car Tech Gift Ideas

Until technological advancements find a way to transport people instantaneously (think Star Trek beams), most of us will continue to rely on cars to get us from Point A to Point B. Luckily, we can make those minutes and hours spent behind the wheel comfortable, safe, and even entertaining thanks to the wide variety of car gadgets available now. 

If someone on your holiday shopping list has a long commute or is simply a tech head, these car tech gift ideas might be right up their alley:

1. Bluetooth speakerphone

Many newer cars come standard with Bluetooth integration, but for slightly older models, Jabra’s Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone is a cost-effective way to get the same features. You can make and take calls completely hands-free and stream music, podcasts, and GPS applications through the speakerphone’s FM transmitter. For an added cost (and increased hands-free safety), a Voice Assist subscription will allow you to send and receive texts, emails, and social media posts.

2. Automatic starter

Even though San Diego doesn’t have typical winter weather, getting into a cold car on a chilly morning is still an uncomfortable experience. An automatic starter helps get the interior nice and toasty for the morning’s commute – before you’re even in the car. Viper’s SmartStart features an automatic start function plus a car alarm.  Sure, you can pick up a system online, but you’ll need it professionally installed by a car audio shop or service provider.

3. LED car sign

If someone you know and love tends to have strong opinions about other drivers on the road, there are safer ways to vent that frustration other than hanging out the window to deliver choice words and hand gestures. Drivemocion’s LED Car Sign is a better option.  Mounted to the rear window, this gadget features a variety of faces and phrases that can be selected from a remote-control handset. It even includes some positives messages like a happy face and “thanks” for those rare occasions when another driver’s road behavior meets your loved one’s high standards.

4. Dash cam

Dash-mounted cameras are about as popular in Russia as their videos are on YouTube (especially the one that caught footage of the Chelyabinsk meteor). They’re growing in popularity in the US, too, as people turn to video evidence to prove their innocence in accidents and other incidents that could lead to legal action. Cobra’s CDR 855 BT Dash Cam has a 160-degree field of view, 1080 full HD recording, Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, and an embedded G-Sensor that automatically saves video if an impact is detected.

5. Code reader

Nothing sparks dread like the sudden glow of the “check engine” light, but sometimes the issue is minor enough to fix on your own. So instead of taking your car to the shop to decipher the light’s meaning, Car MD’s trouble code reader device will capture the code in your car and take you to a website where it explains the problem clearly and suggests solutions specific to your vehicle.

6. Air purifier/ionizer

From musty damp floor mats in the winter to pollen explosions in the spring and hot, dusty conditions in the summer, even San Diego seasons can be rough on car interiors. With Eco Breeze’s car air purifier and ionizer that plugs into a car charger, you can eliminate odors and airborne bacteria while improving the air quality in your car—a must for anyone with asthma or allergies. 

7. Car audio system

The gift of music is one of the best you can give. Once your loved ones hear how amazing their favorite songs can sound coming through a quality receiver, amplifier, subwoofer, and speakers, they’ll never go back to standard stock stereos again. And for the best results possible, toss in professional installation as well. No matter how DIY-inclined the gift recipient is, this is one project that should be left to the experts.

8. Car video system

Just because car video systems are meant more for passengers than drivers, it’s a gift that keeps on giving if the person on your gift list is a parent. Movies and video games entertaining kids in the back of the car mean peace (and quiet, if they use headphones) for the driver up front. Plus, a focused driver free of distractions is not only a happy driver, but a safer driver as well.

9. GPS navigation system

Map apps might be available on every smartphone on the market, but fumbling with your phone while trying to follow directions and driving through unfamiliar areas is a recipe for a fender-bender. GPS navigation systems are a much safer option, and because they’re linked to satellites, they’ll still work in areas with poor cell phone coverage.

Check that name (or names) off your shopping list today!

Beyond the latest car gadgets, if you want to give the gift of car audio and installation or even car window tint this holiday season, JC Power Audio can help. We’re one of the top sources of car audio in San Diego and we can recommend the best equipment for your budget, so give us a call today!